With the 4th of July holiday going on many of you will be celebrating our Independence Day with a get together of some sort, here are some different games to play that the whole family will have fun with.

Whenever there is a get together with my family and friends we always seem to play the same games, ya know cards, some cornhole or even the occasional trivia game. But these guys here (Minute to Win it Gamers) have a great time not only playing the games but they are very inexpensive to create. I would have never come up with some of these ideas.

These games do involve cans. Which I am sure most if not all of you will have some empty ones after a while. Especially with the heat. They are fun for all ages and if it gets too hot outside take the party indoors, these simple games will help especially if there are kids around waiting for the fireworks later in the night. Have a great and safe holiday and Happy 4th of July everybody.

source: Outscord via Youtube

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