Pop Evil are in the midst of a headlining U.S. tour and have mixed up the traditional tour package by adding comedian and former That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson to the mix. It's a nod back to the old days when rock bands and comedians were often paired together on the road.

In celebration of this tour package (which also includes Them Evils and Savage After Midnight), we had Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty and Jamieson name the funniest artists and songs in rock and metal.

With insight as to what it takes for a person to be genuinely and consistently hilarious, Jamieson selected 10 artists who make him laugh the most while Kakaty tackled 10 gut-busting songs that offer some sweet relief in a world where sometimes things can be taken too seriously.

So lighten up, scroll through the gallery below and enjoy a few laughs along the way. You know you need it.

The tour comes to an end of Feb. 16 and you can head here to see the list of remaining stops and get your tickets.

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