10-year-old London Eisenbeis of Grand Blanc passed away last month after taking a family trip to the Frankenmuth waterpark.

It was a complete shock to the family to find out that she had an undetected heart rhythm condition called long QT syndrome. According to WNEM, a normal heart recharges between beats, but for someone with long QT syndrome, the heart muscle may take longer than normal to recharge between beats. It can potentially cause fast chaotic heartbeats, which in London's case caused cardiac arrest.

Basically what happened was the little girl was going to go down the water slide but before she did, she gave her dad a thumbs up. She came out the bottom of the slide code blue and went into cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital and put on life support for about a week before she passed away.

A condition like London's can go undetected and that's why her parents want everyone to remember her name in the hope that no child suffers the same fate.

I first heard about this story from my son who also goes to school in Grand Blanc. Though he's a couple years older, it was news that traveled fast. It was really heartbreaking to see him get so upset while telling me about it. Then, of course, I became super emotional just thinking about the pain her parents must be going through. I find it difficult to not get choked up while writing this. Ugh, I can't even comprehend pain of that magnitude.

To find out more about long QT Syndrome including symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications and more, click here.

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