I'm so excited that shows are finally coming back to Flint. The fact that we'll all be in the same room again with our fists in the air really puts a smile on my face. That smile is actually beyond big right now because we just found out that the legendary Geoff Tate, formerly of Queensryche is coming to The Machine Shop.

Geoff Tate will be on tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of Queensryche's Empire album. It's also the 35th anniversary of Queensryche's Rage for Order album. To celebrate both releases, Tate will perform both in their entirety. Holy hell, I'm freaking geeked about this.

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When is the concert?

Geoff Tate will roll through Flint on Sunday, Sept 19.

When can I get tickets?

Tickets go on sale Thursday, May 27th at 10 am. You'll be able to pick up yours on The Machine Shop website or at Paradise Express (limited tickets). Tickets are only $25 in advance for this 18 and over show.

I was such a huge Queensryche fan growing up, I thought Geoff Tate had one of the best voices in rock, so to say I'm excited is an understatement.

The first time I ever saw Queensryche was back in 1989 when they opened for Metallica in Saginaw on the Damaged Justice tour. I saw the band multiple times after that including a show they did at DTE in 1997 (photo below).

Tony LaBrie
Tony LaBrie

Yes, Geoff Tate has performed at The Machine Shop before but he didn't perform the Empire and Rage For Order albums in their entirety like he is on this tour.

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