Talk about a bloody Mary!  Police in Germany are warning teens and parents about new form of alcohol abuse, vodka tampons.

Ok first of all, YUCK!

According to German police there is an increased amount of online chatter about this being a way to get drunk.  Officials say soaking your tampons in vodka will NOT get you buzzed, but it will cause health problems like infections and damage to vaginal walls.  Again, YUCK!

There have even been reports of boys inserting alcohol soaked tampons anally.  Really?  This explains all the tampons at Chris Monroe's desk.

From what I have read, this trend is called "slimming".  Good Lord.

I do not condone teenage drinking and I most certainly hope you or anyone you know is not doing this.

The first time I ever heard of anything like this was on "30 Rock".  I didn't think people actually did this.

So girls look out for warnings on your tampons now.  "Do Not Soak In Vodka Before Using".