Loudwire Live tickets go on sale at 10a this Saturday for the low, low price of $20 (limited quantity available). Where else are you going to see bands like Halestorm, Skillet, All That Remains, and Starset for just $20? The answer is nowhere.

Now, if you think $20 is cheap, how does "free" sound? Pretty good, right? We thought so. That's exactly how much you could get a pair of tickets to Loudwire Live for BEFORE they even go on sale with the Banana 101.5 app. All this week, we'll be giving away tickets to the festival -- which happens June 16th outside of the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center, if you didn't already know -- using the app. Here's what you need to do.

1.Download the free Banana 101.5 app for your Android (click here to download) or iOs (click here to download) device. 

2.Upon opening the app the first time, make sure you click "ALLOW" when asked if you would like us to send you notifications (as seen below). Note: you may need to adjust your phone settings as well, as some allow you disable all notifications, which will override individual app settings. 

App Notifications

3. Then, you'll need to click "Alerts" on the home page, and make sure you're getting "Contest" notifications. See below. 

app steps

4. Then you should be all set. Just sit back and we'll send you a notification telling you when, and how, to call in and win the tickets. We'll be doing this a lot for contests moving forward, so please consider keeping the notifications on after this week. We'd also like to encourage you to opt-in for all notifications. We promise not to spam you.

Good luck to you!

In case we moved a little too fast for you less-than tech savvy folks, below is a step-by step walkthrough of how to get the app and turn on push notifications... in GIF form.


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