To honor the 31st birthday of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, we give you these GIFs that will remind you that 'Commando' is the single greatest achievement in not just cinematic, but human history.

This film, originally released October 4th, 1985, is a part of me. I, like many children of the 1980s, learned so many crucial life lessons from 'Commando' that John Matrix is basically my dad. Sometimes people take their father for granted. 'Commando' is no different. If you haven't seen it in a few years, it's easy to forget that everything you are is the result of the heroism, witty one-liners, and impossibly muscular physique of John Matrix. Therefore, I feel it is my duty to remind you why 'Commando' is the single most important depiction of the human condition ever recorded.

Name One Other Action Movie Where the Hero Hand Feeds a Deer

Or Gets Ice Cream On His Nose

Or Carries an Entire Tree

Obviously, There Are Fights

And Daring Escapes

And This Guy Who Wants to Kill / Make Love to Him


More 'Splosions

Even More 'Splosions

John Matrix is A Master of All Weapons

Especially Guns


And Anything with a Sharp Edge

He's Also a Master at Getting the Last Word

Basically, He's the Best There Is

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