The "Tampon Trolley" as Maggie has named it, is starting to fill up.  Keep listening for a chance to get on-board the bus between 3pm-7pm all this week.  Come Saturday, we will be loading up the Mobile Boogie Party Bus and drinking our way through the county.

Remember, this is a LADIES ONLY TRIP!  No guys allowed, except for Chris Monroe!  And you must be 21 and up to participate.  Good Luck!  If you are looking for a bonus chance to qualify, sign up here.

Here is what you have to look forward to ladies if you are lucky enough to win tickets:

  • We will be starting the day off at Kickers at 4pm.
  • At 5pm, we will load up and head to The Machine Shop for a sound check party with Royal Bliss.
  • After that, it's off to Fenton to Buddha's Bar and Grill on the corner of Baldwin and Torrey Roads.  Buddha has a couple games and prizes lined up, so bring your game face.
  • From there, we will zip across the county and to visit George at Jesters.  (Chris recommends the mini pitchers...just ask the bartender and you will see.)
  • Finally, we will head back to Kickers for a couple Mango Bombs to finish off the night.