If you don't think the members of Godsmack have a sense of humor - think again. The band just released a video (directors cut) for their latest single 'Bulletproof'. If someone asks you what Godsmack, Sebastian Bach, and Billy Ray Cyrus have in common - you now have the answer. All appear in the 'Bulletproof' video.

The preface of the video is different people trying to sell the band on a video concept. They include a guru, a preacher, Sebastian Bach and Billy Ray Cyrus. Sebastian is pitching the band on the fact that 'metal is back' and he wants to 'blow some stuff up' in the video. Billy Ray Cyrus has a completely different idea. BYC wants the band to go 'country' and grow out the back of their hair. Ha! Godsmack with mullets. The band ends up going with Sully's cousin Sal as the video director. Watch closely - you will see a very strong resemblance between Sal and Sully. It's almost like they are the same person. Enjoy.