It seems that Goki Goki Korean BBQ & Specialty Meat Market is now open in Fenton. I have driven past this place for a long time and wondered when I could finally go check it out. 

Well looks like now is the time. After two years of renovating and construction the doors have finally opened to the public. The building itself used to be Heritage restaurant. Before that, I remember doing some DJ work and radio broadcasts there when it was Bubba O'Dooley's.

Now the building is home to Goki Goki Korean BBQ & Specialty Meat Market. The new place will have a hibachi to go menu along with specialty meats, bread, and cheeses. On top of that, you'll be able to pick up five different types of crepes and multiple types of coffee. The restaurant will also offer an interactive experience with an infrared cook-top built into the table.

Stop by and check it out. Goki Goki is right on N. Leroy Street in Fenton.

Source: ABC 12