A Michigan teen with feet bigger than Shaq's has received huge support lately.

In good ole Goodrich, Michigan, there lives a 14-year-old that is just a little bit bigger than most. Standing at six foot ten inches and currently outgrowing a size 22 shoe, Eric Kilburn struggles to find shoe that will fit him.

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For most people, finding a new pair of shoes is pretty easy. Normally, the worst thing that can happen to the average person is that they may not find the color of shoe they are looking for. However, for Kilburn, he struggles to find shoes that actually exist to fit his feet.

Finding a pair of size 12 or 13 shoes is a struggle for me so I can only imagine the frustration that Eric Kilburn and his family go through trying to find shoes that are size 22+. Eric's mother Rebecca really struggles to find shoe companies that will work with her to create the size shoe that he needs. Being an athlete with hopes of playing in the NFL, cleats are a must and cost at least $1,500 for a custom pair that size.

Last week, a family friend started a GoFundMe page to raise money to get custom shoes for Eric. The community rallied behind the need and soon thousands of dollars were donated.

Since the GoFundMe page was started, $18,332 has been donated by the community (as of 11:40 am on 3/20/23.) On top of that, shoe companies have reached out to the family to help Eric get the shoes and cleats he needs. So far Under Armour, Puma, CAT, and more have been in touch with the family.

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Source: ABC12

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