If you were one of the many people that attended the Grand Blanc High School performance of 'The Addams Family' last Friday, there's a chance you came in contact with the chickenpox virus. I'm sure that's not something you wanted to hear today.

According to ABC12, the district is working with the Genesee County Health Department on the response. Children or adults experiencing symptoms such as the signature itchy rash should call their doctor immediately.

One of the many things that suck about chickenpox is that you don't know right away as symptoms don't usually appear for a couple of weeks, sometimes three.

As we all know, there is prevention for chickenpox people. I'm talking about the big V word...vaccine. I know some people don't believe in vaccines but it truly is important whether you want to hear it or not.

If you start to feel tired, feverish, a pounding headache or lack of appetite, get your butt to the doctor asap.

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