Get ready to catch a familiar face on TLC's 'Sister Wives' show. Dr. Mark Morningstar, a scoliosis doctor in Grand Blanc Township, will be on an upcoming episode of the show after film crews traveled to his ScoliSmart Center. 

Here is what Dr. Morningstar had to say about the experience:

"They chose Michigan out of the four locations and it was quite an experience having them for sure," Morningstar said. "It's different when you're trying to treat someone and you have a television crew following you around, but it was a cool experience."

The Flint area has had no shortage of people appearing on reality TV shows. For those of you that don't know or forgot, our very own Tony LaBrie was on an episode of 'Wife Swap' back in the day. Be sure to ask him about the show and his sweet vacuuming skills. He loves to talk about it! Although we don't have any footage of the show for copyright reasons, here is a video from around that time of his son threatening to kick him in the nutsack.

Source: ABC 12