With 19 days standing between your ears and the first album from Green Day‘s forthcoming ’¡Uno!,’ ‘¡Dos!’ and ‘¡Tre!’ trilogy, the band has debuted another track from the disc. The tune, titled ‘Let Yourself Go,’ is the third to be released from ‘¡Uno!,’ following the singles ‘Oh Love’ and ‘Kill the DJ.’ 

Back in July, GD released a rowdy live video version of ‘Let Yourself Go’ that was filmed at the Austin, Texas, venue Red 7 late last year, so it’s not a completely new and previously unheard tune. But for diehard Green Day fans, the studio version of ‘Let Yourself Go’ that’s posted below offers yet another piece in the puzzle that is the eagerly anticipated new album.

A flurry of activity has surrounded Green Day as of late, despite the fact that a serious stomach flu suffered by Billie Joe Armstrong forced the band to cancel a concert on Sunday in Bologna, Italy. The punk trio still managed to announce a partnership to help launch the new Nokia Music online streaming service and are expected to perform tonight (Sept. 6) at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even choose perform ‘Let Youfself Go’ at the VMAs — although our money is on first single, ‘Oh Love.’ Aren’t there supposed to be online gambling sites that let you make wagers on these sorts of things? Because if you can bet on rock bands’ set lists somewhere, we’ll make a killing.

Listen to Green Day’s ‘Let Yourself Go’

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