Have you noticed more and more of your Michigan neighbors replacing their traditional front porch light bulbs with green ones instead? While you may think they are trying to be festive year-round, there's actually a deeper meaning behind it.

When I first started to notice this trend, I thought people were just being lazy by not changing their light bulbs after a holiday... I was wrong.

What started as a campaign by Walmart in 2015 has quickly turned into so much more.

Why Michigan Residents Are Using Green Porch Lights

The campaign, which started nearly a decade ago, encourages people across the United States, including Michigan, to change one light to green in a visible location. In most cases, it's a porch light. The green light symbolizes hope, renewal, and well-being, aiming to increase awareness, appreciation, and support for veterans.

Is There a Specific Time of the Year to Show Support?

While the 'Greenlight a Vet' campaign encourages using green lights year-round to show support for veterans, there are specific times of the year when it's best to highlight this practice.

  1. Veterans Day (November 11) - A day to honor all military veterans.
  2. Memorial Day - A day to remember and honor those who have died in military service.
  3. Military Appreciation Month (May) - A month-long celebration of the contributions of the armed forces.
  4. Independence Day

To show your support throughout the year, buy a green lightbulb and swap out your existing porch light. Then take a picture of your green light and post it using the hashtag #greenlightavet.

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