Bro, do you even Tony Hawk Pro Skater?

Let's all imagine we're this guy for a minute. It's cold as balls, and you don't own a proper jacket, because you live in Virginia. All you want to do is hurry up and get in your car to head to the office before the neighbor starts low key yard-shaming you about how it's now January 9th and you still have your Christmas decorations up.

So while juggling all of that mental B.S. you take one false step and BOOM! All of a sudden you're Marty McFlying down the driveway towards certain death and a story people will feel bad for laughing at during your impending funeral. Luckily, you remember to pizza, not french fry, and you bail at the last minute. Phew. That was close.

That human reenactment of the mediocre 1991 Martin Short comedy 'Pure Luck' is named Tim. Sure, he's lucky to not have died in such an embarrassing manner, but the whole ordeal was caught on video, which his loving wife uploaded to Facebook. Now his hilarious near-death experience has gone viral, and poor old Tim will never hear the end of it at the office. He's probably already been given a condescending nickname like "Cool Runnings."

Here's an example of how every day of the rest of Tim's life will go:

Tim walks into the office. There's a banana peel on the floor in front of his desk. As he approaches it, Gary jumps out, puts a hand on his chest and says "Whoa! Watch your step there, Iceman." Gary, along with Steve and Jan who are ducked behind a nearby cubicle divider, begin to laugh maniacally. Dave says, "Classic! Bring up the video. Let's watch the video again!" Tim looks at the camera, the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' theme begins to play as the camera slowly pushes in. Fade to black.

We are all Tim, you guys. Hang in there, bud.

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