It has been a great year for Wolverines football.

First off, I feel I would be doing this wrong if I didn't say this before starting...GO BLUE! Damn it has been a great year for the Wolverines. The Wolverines went 12-1 this season and are once again the Big 10 champs! The No. 2 ranked Wolverines will now move on to the playoff semifinals and take on the No. 3 ranked Georgia Bulldogs in the Capital One Orange Bowl on New Year's Eve.

As someone that bleeds Maize and Blue, this season has given me a lot of ammo in the smack talk war with my friends. I was just one loss from walking on water this year. Had they just been able to get the W against MSU, my friends' list would've gotten a lot smaller. The amount of garbage I was ready to talk was incredible, but unfortunately, we will have to see what happens next year in that matchup.

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Nonetheless, the University of Michigan football program has a long history of tradition and amazing football. At the start of 2021, the University of Michigan Wolverines were leading all divisions in total wins with 976. The Wolverines are trailed by both Ohio State and Alabama with 941 as of January 2021.

When it comes to the history of the team itself, we've had so many great players over the years and their records live on. It's is hard to find any college football fan that doesn't remember players like Chad Henne, Tom Brady, Mike Hart, Tim Biakabutuka, Braylon Edwards, Desmond Howard, and more. All of these legends hold records within the UM football program. Check them all out below.

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