Policies are most often put in place for a reason. That being said, it does not mean all policies are good ones. This incident is proof of that.

After shopping at Mills Fleet Farm in Iowa, Shane Zahn attempted to leave the store using an electric chair. An employee stopped him claiming it was against store policy for him to take the chair into the parking lot. Mr. Zahn was using the store chair because he is missing a foot and needs a chair to get around. As you will hear/see in the video below, he does indeed have his own chair but will use a store supplied chair when available.

Zahn was dropped off at the door, so you could very well ask 'why wasn't he just picked up?' I am sure not everyone who needs a chair is able to be 'dropped off' at the door. Nonetheless, Zahn was forced to crawl out of the store and had his son record it.