The two stars of the criminally under-watched Eric Andre show recently hijacked each others Tinder accounts and the results were hilarious. 

I'm an old married dude, so I don't Tinder. I do, however, watch the s--t out of the Eric Andre show. The unconventional, never predictable spoof of late night comedy is my kind of humor all the way. More often than not, I find myself in tears before the end of almost every 10 minute episode.

The best part of the show might be the oil and water dynamic of its two stars, comedians Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress, interact. After watching them run each other's Tinder accounts, I realized they're closer to the characters they play on the show than I assumed, they just laugh at each other's jokes a lot more in real life.

After more than a full year off, the Eric Andre Show returns to Adult Swim for a new season starting Friday August 5th at midnight. If you're unfamiliar -- these are the kind of shenanigans to which you can look forward.

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