In the period after Vinnie Paul's death, his Hellyeah bandmates completed the record they had been working on and even toured some in support of it. But the drummer's passing left some questions about the future. Though he's yet to confirm what his next step is, singer Chad Gray has just launched his own website teasing that new music will be coming soon.

The tease was posted via Hellyeah's socials, but directs fans to Gray's new website at Once there, you'll find some Gray-featuring merch, including "Madnesss" shirts and a pillow, plus links to meet and greets and a blog (which has no entries as of yet).

It's also notable that there's an emblem with the letter-number combination "MDN 666" with a graphic in between that Gray has sported in the past.

Gray's social media post suggests, "Chadnesss has been busy," while the imaging tease for the website promotes, "For all things Screamin' Demon - merch, meet n greets, new music, new videos, blog and more." It also notes that the music, videos and blog will be coming soon. Check out the site here and the social tease below:

Back in December, Gray was asked about the possibility of a future for Hellyeah without Paul in the mix. "Everybody's just in a holding pattern right now," he said during a virtual panel for Headbangers Con. "I don't have any new music. I've been telling Tom to get me some riffs so I can write because right now is a great time to fucking write. So we'll just have to see."

However, last September, guitarist Tom Maxwell stated on the Ex-Man podcast that he was unsure if he wanted to continue with the group after Paul's death. "I don't know if I even wanna do another Hellyeah record," Maxwell admitted. "I just don't have the emotional need and drive. I feel personally, as Tom Maxwell — I'm not speaking for anybody else at all — but I don't know what I wanna do. I write songs all the time, and I write 'em for me, like I always did. I don't see myself doing another Hellyeah record; I really don't."

There has also been discussion over the years of a reunion for Mudvayne, Gray's pre-Hellyeah band. But it's mostly just been talk. In a 2016 interview, Gray explained, "I still talk to the guys; we’re cool. But for many reasons, Mudvayne doesn’t exist anymore."

So what does Gray have planned for his musical future? Stay tuned to the newly launched website to find out.

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