What was supposed to be the biggest summer concert season ever has quickly turned into the first-ever summer with no concerts at all.

Yes, there are summer concerts that are still scheduled but at this point, it's just a waiting game on whether or not they'll be canceled or postponed.

So far this week we've had Six major tours cancel or move their dates to 2021:

  • Megadeth with Lamb of God - July 1/DTE Postponed until 2021. This includes their Soaring Eagle Performance scheduled for July 2.
  • Breaking Benjamin with Bush and Theory - July 30/DTE - Canceled
  • Deftone with Gojira and Poppy - August 12/Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre - Postponed until 2021
  • Disturbed with Staind and Bad Wolves - August 16/DTE Postponed until 2021
  • Green Day's Hella Mega Tour - August 19/Comerica Park - Postponed until summer of 2021
  • Incubus with 311 and Badflower - August 29/DTE - Canceled

There are still two huge stadium tours that fans are patiently waiting to know whether or not they're going to happen. The first is Guns N' Roses July 11th at Comerica Park.  The other is Motley Crue's Stadium tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett at Commerica Park on Augst 20th also at Comerica Park.

UPDATED: Guns N' Roses tour is being postponed but has not released dates yet. Also, Nickelback and Sammy Hagar both postponed their summer tours today as well, details below.

I think it's safe to say, those shows will be either canceled or postponed as well.

For those of us that love going to concerts, I'm sorry to say but it's going to be one lame-ass summer.

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