Cedar Point is giving back in a big way by offering four-lifetime tickets to everyday heroes. Hell yes, lifetime admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.

According to Cedar Point, the everyday heroes of our communities include frontline nurses, doctors, EMT’s, caregivers, supply chain workers, parents who are now self-taught teachers, grocery store and retail workers, neighbors and anyone who’s gone above and beyond to help others during these challenging times.

Here's the thing, it's up to you to nominate an individual in the community that you feel is a hero that deserves this awesomeness. Simply submit a photo of the hero, plus a few words about how he or she is making an impact in the community and why he or she should win the ticket of a lifetime.

All nominations must be submitted by May 29. A total of ten heroes will be selected by a Cedar Point panel of judges and announced on June 11, 2020, on Cedar Point's website.

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I love going to Cedar Point, not for the rides but for the atmosphere and the energy that place gives off. I don't like going on the rides because I'm a pretty big sissy when it comes to heights. Every once in awhile I'll get the balls to get on a tall ride, but not very often. I honestly just like going and hanging out.

I'm not sure if the winner of this contest will be able to use their tickets for this season but who cares because they'll have tickets for a freaking lifetime.

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