Is this the way to make sure everyone feels equal and welcome, or is this political correctness gone too far? 

I remember high school to be a four-year popularity contest, in which those at the bottom stayed at the bottom and those at the top enjoyed the view. I remember being somewhere in that middle ground, where I couldn't stand the idea of being on the prom or homecoming court and having my peers vote to let me know if I was cool or not. I entered a pageant one year, just so I could wear my badass orange and yellow prom dress one more time, not because I needed to feel like the coolest girl in our tiny ass town (I did win though - Miss Lake County, or as my city friends like to joke - "The Trout Queen"). I was a jock, a drama nerd, and a slightly above average student, who didn't always use my full potential just because I didn't feel like it. I liked being in that middle ground though.

I also remember voting for peers for these positions. Everyone would act so surprised when the hottest guy and the prettiest girl from each grade (who were both also members of student council and other extracurriculars) won year after year, and made that same astonished face like they didn't know it was happening. Again. Granted, I went to a super small school where things were totally different than they are in the city, but I imagine at least that part is similar.

I know tradition can be a big deal, but let's be real here. It's 2016 and nothing at ALL is exactly traditional anymore these days. These days the coolest couple in the school could be two boys, and because of tradition one of them would get to be the king and pose with a pretty girl - who on the inside could identify as a boy. Who knows these days? Maybe this Maryland school is on to something amazing. Maybe they're all going to Hell, I don't know. I'm no judge, I'm just sharing this story with you.

According to FOX 5 DC, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School will have a homecoming court made up of royalty, and that doesn't just include kings and queens. The students will simply vote for the top two students, whether boy and boy, girl and girl, transgender, or traditional, and whoever gets the most votes wins and will be announced at their October 7th football game.

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