Losing an appendage in a workplace accident can be one of the most devastating things to ever happen to a person. However, workers compensation is there to help you cash in on your newfound fate as an amputee, and depending on what body part happens to come off, the payoff can be quite sizable.

Sure, we understand that going out of this world the same way you came in, with all of your fingers and toes, is priceless. But just for the sake of knowing, we dug into some numbers to determine just how much certain severed parts of the body were worth in the event of a workplace mishap. Here is what we found out:

Arm: $220,580

Leg: $176,300

Hand: $176,300

Thumb: $53,300

Index Finger: $31,160

Middle Finger: $27,060

Ring Finger: $18,040

Pinky: $13,120

Foot: $132,840

Big Toe: $27,060

Eye: $132,840

Ear: Not Available

Testicle: Not Available