The year is just starting, but there's already some buzzy new projects worth the anticipation. One of those is the pairing of former Killswitch Engage and current Light the Torch singer Howard Jones and YouTube guitar sensation Jared Dines. The pair just further stoked the anticipation of what's to come by dropping a video teaser that also reveals their new band name.

The clip starts with a hypnotic guitar sound and quick hitting imagery of an anguished Jones and a blurred Dines coming into focus before the guitarist cuts through with a rapid fire riff. It's then revealed that a new song called "The Blade" will be coming on March 11 from their new band titled Sion.

Dines first teased the Jones collaboration last summer revealing they had worked on seven tracks and likening the music to "Howard Jones era Killswitch Engage."

While full album details have yet to be revealed, the tease of their first song together is a good sign that things are progressing and an album announcement could come soon.

Sion, "The Blade" (Teaser Video)

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