Hurley is accepting donations of specific medical equipment today along with online donations.

In a press release Hurley officials say that they appreciate the outpouring of support from the community.

Hurley Medical Center appreciates the outpouring of love from the community who want to donate items that will help keep our healthcare workers safe. While we are working to maintain supplies through our current channels, we welcome donations to help us handle the influx of patients.

So Hurley has arranged a drop off donation site today at their West Flint Campus parking lot on 1085 Linden Rd today from 1p to 3p.

Donations Hurley can accept:

  • N95 masks
  • Disposable Face Masks
  • Eye Protection (Face Shields and Safety Goggles)
  • Disposable Gowns
  • Disposable Gloves (Non latex)
  • Bleach or Anti-Microbial Wipes

 Donations we are currently NOT accepting:

  • NO Home Sewn Masks
  • NO 3D Printed Ventilator Parts
  • NO Medications
  • No Other Medical Equipment

If you would like to make a monetary donation to support Hurley, you can do that online here.


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