If you're not eating pulled pork nachos at Flint's Soggy Bottom Bar on a semi-regular basis, you need to do some serious soul-searching and reassess your priorities in life.

For longer than I'd like to admit, I slept on Soggy Bottom Bar. Located about 1500 feet beyond the bricks, the bar is further than I normally venture during my Downtown Flint excursions (usually Churchill's is the end of the line for me). After constantly hearing good things and drooling at an image of their nachos on a cleverly-placed billboard near Davison, I finally made it there and I'll never be the same.

Upon walking in, I immediately dug the bar. It's a nice little spot... a little too nice for me to call it a dive bar, even though that label has become trendy in the last few years. Soggy Bottom is a cool place -- it's got an old school feel to it, there seemed to be a decent beer selection (if that's your thing), there were pool tables in the back, and the music selection was very intriguing. It's not very often you hear Type-O Negative's 'Wolf Moon' and Hall and Oates' 'Private Eyes' in the same sitting. I could see myself being a Norm-level regular there if it were closer... and that's before we even get to the food.

We started out with their jalapeno popper eggrolls, which were pretty damn good. A lot of places, bars in particular, just throw some premade, freezer-burnt garbage into the deep fryer for items like these. Soggy Bottom Bar makes theirs fresh in-house, and it makes all the difference. However, as good as they were -- I didn't go there for eggrolls. It was time for the main event...

Tree Riddle, TSM Flint

After waiting to try these nachos for so long, I was sure I would be let down in some way. I was not. Not only was their queso one point, the chips were fresh too! And we're not talking about those pre-cut boxes of tortilla chips that are all the same size and consistency. If I had to guess these chips were made from hand-cut corn tortillas and fried to order. They were warm and crunchy and some had those little fried-to-perfection air pockets in them. They're similar to the texture or Taco Bell's chips, if you can imagine those being hella fresh and 30x better -- you're pretty close.

The slow-roasted pulled pork was fresh and delicious as well. It's clearly made in-house and not the pre-packaged GFS stuff that a lot of places use instead of making their own. Once you mix all of that with their chipotle cream, pico, sour cream, and top with a fresh sliced jalapeno -- you've got yourself a perfect nacho.

Tree Riddle, TSM Flint

I went for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I've already been back for seconds. I have a feeling I'll be making another lunchtime appearance this week to get my nacho fix. Seriously, these are the best nachos I've ever had. There are a few other spots in town that I know of who have pretty good nachos, but Soggy Bottom Bar's Pulled Pork joints are competing on a whole other level. If you haven't had them yet, stop whatever you're doing and go get some right now. You can thank me later.

Tree Riddle, TSM Flint