Full disclosure, I do not put up a Christmas tree. I am not a Grinch, I just don't need a decorated tree to get in the holiday spirit. I don't need snow either, and unfortunately that is what we woke up to today.

I am blaming all of you that put up Christmas trees over the weekend for the snow. Trust me, even if you did not put up a tree - a lot of people did. I saw trees for days on my social media feeds. Between my Facebook page and Instagram account, it looked like December 25th.

I can't tell you when the first snowfall was last year, but today it sure seems early for snow. Am I wrong? Is it to early for Christmas tree decorating? In my opinion, yes. I guess I kind of do sound like a Scrooge.

I better take a shot of tequila and get on board the Christmas train. Ho, Ho, NO!

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