There is a website to check your phone number to see if you were a part of this illegal call scheme. 

Ok. I will admit something super embarrassing to you. I was once a telemarketer, selling timeshare packages to exotic destinations. I was 21, living in Florida, and these were the only people who would hire me (besides as a door to door salesperson...that's another story for another time). To my knowledge, what we were doing wasn't illegal, and wasn't a scam (although we never got our last checks and the owners stopped showing up, and never contacted any of us ever again...and again, another story).

In 2011 and 2012 there were a few companies who allegedly made several illegal calls to consumers that violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. After a class action lawsuit was filed, Caribbean Cruise Line, Vacation Ownership Marketing Tours, and The Berkeley Group have decided to settle for between $56-76 million, according to WNEM. You can visit this website to check out the details to see if you are affected by this, but you must do so before February 1st.


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