The Michigan State Spartans had their Final Four dreams crushed by a suffocating Texas Tech defense but a loss didn't stop a Go-Green-Go-White crowd hitting the streets of East Lansing.

Campus and city police in riot gear as well as a roving Michigan State Police helicopter were ready as the game went final and students and revelers spilled into the streets.

Raw Video

Note this video does contain some NSFW language.

RIP Mom's Old Couch

What would a MSU riot be without a couch burning? The tradition that dates back to the 1999 Final Four was alive as well twenty years later as 2019 did not disappoint, if it was a bit more subdued. A Battle Creek Enquirer reporter spotted a lit davenport on Gunson Street. Check out that video here.

Oh There Were Arrests

Fox 17 in Grand Rapids reports,

Police made several arrests in Cedar Village apartment complex and along Grand River Avenue, late Saturday night. East Lansing police have yet to release information about those arrests. However, the detainments occurred after Michigan State University’s men’s basketball team lost to Texas Tech in the Final Four.

Lubbock Goes Guns Up

Fans in Texas must have been studying up on the Final Four reveling techniques perfected in East Lansing as the Texas Tech community around Lubbock. Our sister station, KFMX, chronicled the aftermath of the Red Raiders win over the Spartans with the lowlight being a car flipping. Check out videos here.

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