In This Moment’s fourth studio album, ‘Blood,’ drops on Aug. 14, and the band are opening up about the creative process for the release. Speaking with Bare Bones Music, frontwoman Maria Brink explained that this past year has brought plenty of trials for the band, including a lineup change, but that has only served to make In This Moment stand taller.

“It’s definitely been a crazy year for us. We lost two members right before doing ShipRocked and Soundwave in Australia and had to deal with that,” she said. “We also knew in the back of our minds that we were going to be going into the studio at the first of this year to begin work on the new album and we had that to think about too.

“All the stuff that happened really motivated us, it sparked a fire in us creatively that I don’t think we had ever felt before. I’ve referenced it to the blood of the phoenix as it rises from the ashes; it’s like a re-birth for us on many levels. I also reference death a lot in it and I do want the fans to understand that I don’t mean it literally. It’s more about the phoenix dying and being born again.”

Brink added that she hopes the forthcoming album moves fans in a very emotional way. “For me personally, it’s as if a rebirth happened from the death that we felt,” she said. “We were on fire and I hope that the fans can feel it when they listen to the album. I think we will also bring on new fans who may not have heard of us before just on the strength of this album. We’re always experimenting and we did bring in some new elements. I like for something to move me and I hope it affects our fans that way too.”

In This Moment will play Dirt Fest 2012, which happens Aug. 11 at the Birch Run Expo Center. Check out details on the festival and how to get tickets here!

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