A new collection of data has named every state's favorite Netflix show for 2017 and Michigan's is literally the only one I've never heard of.

When you think of popular Netflix shows, beloved originals like 'Stranger Things' or 'The Punisher' probably come to mind no matter where you live. Not according to this latest data, which was collected by the folks over at highspeedinternet.com.

Now, as an editor of a website that occasionally makes mistakes, I'm usually the last one to call out mistakes. However, their list titled "Which Netflix Show Gripped Your State in 2017," has some problematic findings.

I'll get to those after telling you that, according to their data -- Michigan's "favorite" Netflix show of 2017 was... wait for it -- 'The Confession Tapes.'


I've been a Netflix guy for years now, and try to watch any of the originals that seem like they're worth a damn. I actually just sped through 'Ozark,' which has been out for a while and is totally awesome. Even when I don't watch a particular Netflix show, I'm aware of its existence. I have never once heard of 'The Confession Tapes.' If you're like me, here's a trailer:

After being confused by this show's "most popular" status here in The Mitten, I started looking at the rest of the results. In doing so, I noticed some inconsistencies.

First off, Netflix doesn't release their ratings or viewing data (save for a few isolated instances), but it's pretty well-known that 'Stranger Things' is their most popular show. At bare minimum, it's top five. However, it's only "the most gripping" in one state -- Utah. How could a show that popular only be the favorite in one state?


'Orange is the New Black' dominated the findings with 15 states, and 'American Vandal' (hilarious show, btw) had five, which seems just plain incorrect to me. They're both popular shows, but come on.

Another issue I began to notice is that some of these aren't really Netflix shows. It seems like a mistake to include just three shows that are not Netflix Originals, but I guess it could just be a coincidence. Two of those three -- 'Riverdale' and 'The Confession Tapes' -- are on Netflix, but are not originals.

'Star Trek: Discovery,' on the other hand, took three states and is literally not even available on Netflix. It's a CBS All Access exclusive here in the States. Then again, Discovery is only number one in legal recreational marijuana states -- Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon. Maybe they got so baked that they're watching the 'USS Callister' episode of 'Black Mirror' saying, "whoa, this new Star Trek is f***ing trippy."

So how the hell did they get these stats? According to their article, they were pulled from Google Trends. Even if everyone in America Googles "Star Trek Discovery Netflix"  that still doesn't make it a Netflix show. They're not perfect, but here are the full results:

  • Alabama: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
  • Alaska: Star Trek: Discovery
  • Arizona: Orange Is the New Black
  • Arkansas: Orange Is the New Black
  • California: Ingobernable
  • Colorado: Star Trek: Discovery
  • Connecticut: Marvel's The Defenders
  • Washington, DC: 3%
  • Delaware: Big Mouth
  • Florida: Orange Is the New Black
  • Georgia: Orange Is the New Black
  • Hawaii: Black Mirror
  • Idaho: Travelers
  • Illinois: American Vandal
  • Indiana: Orange Is the New Black
  • Iowa: Mindhunter
  • Kansas: American Vandal
  • Kentucky: Orange Is the New Black
  • Louisiana: Orange Is the New Black
  • Maine: Marvel's The Defenders
  • Maryland: The Keepers
  • Massachusetts: American Vandal
  • Michigan: The Confession Tapes
  • Minnesota: American Vandal
  • Mississippi: Orange Is the New Black
  • Missouri: Ozark
  • Montana: Orange Is the New Black
  • Nebraska: Friends from College
  • Nevada: Riverdale
  • New Hampshire: Friends from College
  • New Jersey: Orange Is the New Black
  • New Mexico: Riverdale
  • New York: Orange Is the New Black
  • North Carolina: Orange Is the New Black
  • North Dakota: A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Ohio: Orange Is the New Black
  • Oklahoma: Mindhunter
  • Oregon: Star Trek: Discovery
  • Pennsylvania: The OA
  • Rhode Island: GLOW
  • South Carolina: Orange Is the New Black
  • South Dakota: Fuller House
  • Tennessee: 3%
  • Texas: Ingobernable
  • Utah: Stranger Things
  • Vermont: Dear White People
  • Virginia: Narcos
  • Washington: Friends from College
  • West Virginia: Orange Is the New Black
  • Wisconsin: American Vandal
  • Wyoming: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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