We can all agree that the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials, right? Most of us don't have a personal stake in the teams that are playing, and we just use the game as an excuse to have friends over. While you are watching those coveted commercials, which this year cost $7 million for a 30-second spot or 233,333 every second, have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I could have that?"


Well, now you can. And you can have that one, and that one, and every other one as a result of DoorDash's insane "All-The-Ads" Super Bowl campaign.


DoorDash Raises Estimate For Initial Public Offering
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Honestly, Free Beer said it best: this is the craziest and most ambitious ad campaign I've ever seen. If you want to get a scale of how large this prize is, Doordash has begun hosting a real-time counter of everything being included in the giveaway as more commercials are being announced. You can view that here. The craziest part about this is that there is only one winner. One person will receive everything.


And you may be thinking, surely they're exaggerating, right? Wrong. Here is a statement from the page's website:


This year during football's biggest event, Doordash will Doordash stuff from all the ads. Because Doordash can Doordash pretty much anything. Multiple cars. Too many chicken wings. More snacks than any pantry can handle. Just look out for the promo code in our ad, and enter it for a chance to win it all.


It's honestly genius (and wildly expensive I imagine). Keep your eyes peeled for the promo code during DoorDash's commercial on Sunday to try your luck at winning everything you watch during the game. Click here to enter the promo code.


I'll end this post with a little fun fact: did you know brands aren't allowed to use the phrase "Super Bowl" in their ads due to copyright? Think about this while you're listening to various ads this Sunday and how they refer to "the big game", etc.


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