Hi Idiots.

I love Dumber Than The Show. You love it. Your mom probably loves it. There are people who call in asking to "play the money game" (usually at the wrong time). Dumber Than The Show is a staple of the show every day, taking place at around 8:30 am ET each morning.


Each member plays 1 game of trivia weekly, either increasing their jackpots by $100 if they win or losing all their money and dropping back to the base $100, making a nice donation to their opponent's wallet. You can watch all the previous rounds of DTTS on our website.


However, one member of the show has been on an absolute tear. This week, Free Beer won his 20th game in a row, surpassing the $2000 mark. Let's look back and see how he got here.



From The Start

Free Beer has not lost since November 16th, 2023, with his streak starting at our Grand Rapids live show. Since November 22nd, Free Beer has won each week.



His jackpot hit $1,000 on February 5th. At the time, he and Hot Wings were on even footing, hitting $1,100 until Hot Wings lost on February 13th.



Since then, Free Beer has been in a league of its own. Through this streak, Free Beer has:

  • Only went to time twice.
  • Got all 5 right 4 times.
  • At one point, Free Beer got 15 questions right in a row (3-week streak from January 22-February 5th)



He will look to continue his incredible run next week when he looks to raise his jackpot to $2,100. How far do you think he'll go?


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