There are few people who have never seen Star Wars. We all know the story.

Boy meets droid. Boy gets attacked by alien. Boy meets an old man. Old man gives boy a lightsaber beer.

Wait, what?


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If that's how the story went for you, you must have been watching Star Wars in Chile in 2003. A made-for-television version of the original trilogy was recently discovered on X (formerly Twitter) that features perhaps the greatest solution to commercial breaks anyone has ever seen. To avoid having to go to commercials, the distributor of the film instead stitched the commercials right into the movie. I cannot make this up, it's almost infuriating how fluid the commercial stitch is.


Let me show you.



Thank you, Obi-Wan for introducing our noble hero to the ways of the brewski. The movie continues with two more found clips from A New Hope.



My favorite one of them all sadly cannot be included here, but it can be found here


You may be thinking. Ah yes, a cold one is the true way of the Force. But how did Luke continue his training? Well, apparently Luke learned the wrong lesson from Ol Ben Kenobi. Here is another clip.


The last one that has been found is at the craziest time. One of the most climactic moments in Return of the Jedi, when Luke is brought before Emperor Palpatine for the first time. Apparently, Palpatine's throne had a crucial feature that we never witnessed: a refrigerator.



If you're wondering how this was possibly legal, that's because it wasn't. Lucasfilm found out about the edits in 2004 and sued. But not before the ad agency that made the spots won the top award at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.


So in the end, if you want to be one with the Force, just pop a can of Cerveza Cristol.


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