Ah, the 1980s. The decade best known for sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, catastrophic amounts of Aquanet – and all things glam metal. Although the ‘80s were best known for its seemingly endless supply of guitar virtuosos, flashy frontmen, and some of the catchiest riffs you’ve ever heard – it didn’t stop there. The 1990s also had their fair share of metal releases that have stood the test of time.

Before Kurt Cobain and company hit the scene and grunge entirely took hold of the music industry, hair metal had its last gasp, and a pretty damn good last gasp at that.

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Here are 10 of the greatest hair metal albums from the turn of the decade.

10 Best Hair Metal Albums of the 1990s

Hair metal may have died in the '90s, but not without a fight!

Gallery Credit: Sydney Taylor

10 Awesome 21st Century Hair Metal Albums, Chosen by Crazy Lixx

Sweden's Crazy Lixx pick the best of the best of modern day hair metal.

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