Bobbie Jean Brown is best known to most as the video vixen from Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video, but the model says for the last few years she's been the victim of identity theft and trying to reclaim her life.

Brown detailed her experiences with identity theft while appearing on Rimshots With Sean with host Sean McKenna.

Who Is Bobbie Jean Brown?

The model-actress came to fame for her role in Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video. Prior to her star turn, she won the Miss Louisiana Teen USA pageant and went on to compete in the Miss Teen USA pageant later that year.

While appearing in the "Cherry Pie" video she struck up a romance with vocalist Jani Lane and later wed the musician. The couple had a daughter in 1992, but divorced in 1993.

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Brown's career continued to build after the "Cherry Pie" clip, with multiple appearances on TV's Married ... With Children and a role in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Last Action Hero. She also appeared in two Great White videos, and clips from Louie Louie and Hurricane.

Bobbie Jean Brown in Warrant's "Cherry Pie" Video

What Happened to Bobbie Brown?

According to Brown, her disappearance from the public spotlight over the last few years was not intentional, but rather the result of being the victim of identity theft and trying to reclaim what was hers.

“I had my identity stolen," says Brown. "There was a female who was, I would call her obsessed, who tried to take my life. She came on as a fake person who owned a magazine and came over to do an interview, and [then she] put spyware on my computer and before I knew it I was robbed and had my identity stolen."

Brown says the person proceeded to access not only her financial accounts, but also her social media and continued to pose as Bobbie online. At one point, the female also showed up at her residence one night with a loaded gun, but luckily nothing violent occurred.

“For about three years, she had accessed every single account, every dime, my name and all of my social media and had become me online and cleaned me out basically,” stated Brown.

How Bobbie Brown Approached Having Her Identity Stolen

Within the chat, Brown detailed her frustrations over trying to bring the person who stole her identity to justice. She explains, “No matter what I threw at it. I took it to the police, to the forensics department, to hackers, there was literally nothing I could do.”

Brown says she sought help from the FBI, reached out to investigators to learn more about what could be done, but when she met with local detectives, there was some disbelief when she shared the information she had collected.

As far as what was done, Brown says, “They destroyed [the person's] weapon. They got a stay away order, which is basically about the amount of what they can do from here. So I got the stay away order, but it didn’t mean she stayed away. So I was triggered a lot. But forensically, they had zero idea how to wrap their heads around that.”

"I was so determined to get justice and literally nothing happened,” explained Brown.

Reclaiming Bobbie Brown's Life

Brown says she would get messages from friends saying that she was acting and responding strangely online, only to alert them that it wasn't her.

“When I disappeared, when I was online it was not me," says Brown. "My accounts were still active, someone was using them, but it was this person.”

The video star says it's been an uphill battle over the last three years, but within the last eight months she's finally been able to reacquire some of her social media accounts.

She also revealed, “I had to go to court in California to prove that I was me cause this person was collecting my unemployment.”

Bobbie Brown's "Intervention"

The video star tells McKenna that even though this has been a trying experience, she views it as “the most incredible intervention I’ve had in my life.”

Brown says that her connection with God has been stronger though this whole experience.

“At the time it was tragic. At the time I was traumatized. At the time, I was a broken person. I had been through a lot of stuff that freaked me out and made me very depressed. I spent my own life being me," explained Brown. "I had accomplished my own goals, success, money. I wasn’t living off a rich husband. I did everything myself. I had acquired all my success as Bobbie, but now everything is gone.”

“I really do feel like now that God used that person to bring me to a point of a death of self," she adds. "To know that he allowed me to get to such a bottom to where I had to realize that everything good comes from him and that’s where he was actually able to access my heart, for me to believe in him and know him.”

Within the discussion, she says that while she's had a wonderful life, this experience has taught her that sometimes "the things that you prioritize in life aren’t the most important things at all.”

Check out more of the chat below

Bobbie Jean Brown Speaks With Rimshots With Sean

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