Burger King has thousands of franchises across the country that serve burgers and other food daily. Most don't think much of it, until one of the restaurants closes its doors for good. Then people seem to get curious.

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Westland, MI Burger King with Kids Club Fun Center Closes for Good

When the Burger King on N. Middlebelt Rd in Westland, MI closed its doors back in 2017, people began to wonder what was happening. And the fact that this particular Burger King had a Kids Club Fun Center play area meant that not only were the adults affected, but their children were too.

What Did the Burger King Look Like After It Closed?

As you will see in the gallery that follows this story, the dining and play area of this particular establishment were left "as is." Almost as if it had been hit by an indoor hurricane, and never returned to by a human being.

What Business Ended Up Taking Over the Abandoned Building in Westland?

After the building sat abandoned for quite some time, a couple decided it would be the perfect building to accommodate a business idea that they had been dreaming of for a while. And, after a major renovation was suggested, approved, and completed, their dream became a reality with the Grand Opening of the area's first business of its kind: The Glass House Hookah Lounge.

Check out these before and after pictures, as well as the 'Grand Opening' video for Westland Michigan's first Hookah Bar.

From Abandoned Westland, MI Burger King to Beautiful Hookah Lounge

What was once a bustling Burger King location was left abandoned for years before recently finding new life as a brand new hookah lounge in Westland, Michigan.

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