Grosse Pointe, Michigan native Jonny Manganello was born the son of two successful lawyers who wanted nothing more than the best for their child. They had high hopes of him following in their footsteps and becoming a lawyer or even a doctor. But, as sweet as that sounded to Manganello, cakes sounded sweeter.

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Who Was Jonny Manganello as a Child?

Manganello was always an outgoing and creative child. So, when he combined that creativity with his love for baking, it was something that literally had to be seen to be believed. There are talents, and then there are unique, amazing talents. Manganello fell into the second of these categories, and he took his dream farther than even he imagined.

The Transformation from Jonny Manganello to Jonny Cakes

As Manganello began to hone his craft, there was no doubt that he was going to be noticed by folks one day. But little did he know at that time, there is a big difference between being noticed and becoming internet famous.

Manganello made it onto season 2 of a baking show on the Food Network called 'Holiday Wars,' and he was recently a contestant on Netflix's hit new show 'IS IT CAKE?'

With all these new eyes on him and his work, Manganello's unique talents took him from being Jonny Manganello to being internet superstar @TheJonnyCakes.

With 53.9 million 'Likes" from his 2.3M TikTok followers, as well as his ever-growing 640K YouTube followers, and his 449K Instagram followers, he has a lot of people to continue impressing with his unique talents.

What Is So Special About His Baking?

When it come to the talent of @TheJonnyCakes, it's much easier to see than it is to explain. Check out the following gallery of some of Jonny's recent creations.


Here are some of the most hyper-realistic cakes you will ever see. From clocks, to plants, to mac-n-cheese, and everything in between. Prepare to have your mind blown. Because with these works of art, you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Linden Grove Middle School in Kalamazoo Hosted Their Own Cake Wars

Apparently one of the classes hosted their own "Cake Wars." That show is similar to Foodtastic, just not strictly Disney themed.

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