Ice cream is a summer staple, and there's nothing better than "Free Cone Day" when it comes around. Some national ice cream companies do it, but when local ice cream shops do a free giveaway, it becomes a great way to help out your local community.

The Countryside Market, located at 1015 N. VanDyke Rd (M-53) in Imlay City has been a staple in the community for over 32 years. So, when it was purchased by new owners back in September of 2022, the community couldn't help but question what other changes could be coming their way.

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Countryside Market of Imlay City Gets First New Owners in 32 Years

Well, the new owners, husband and wife Rick and Heather, and their daughter Tiffany wanted to keep as many of the past traditions alive as they could. Continuing to serve the community seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm was a given. But the annual Free Ice Cream Cone Giveaway also remained on top of the list.

Free Ice Cream This Weekend in Imlay City

With temperatures hovering in the low 80s this weekend, there is no doubt that a nice refreshing ice cream cone would really hit the spot. So, luckily, the annual tradition continues.

CREDIT: Duffy Connolly via Countryside Market / Canva
CREDIT: Duffy Connolly via Countryside Market / Canva

Once again, the Imlay City Countryside Market has teamed up with Siegler Dairy Farm for the annual Free Ice Cream Giveaway this Thursday through Sunday, Aug 10th - 13th where the first 100 people through the door each day will get a free hand-dipped ice cream cone of their choice, filled with delicious Hershey's Ice Cream.

Siegler Dairy Farm Loves Their Community as Much as Countryside Market Does

Established in 1952, Siegler Dairy Farm is one of the few remaining dairy operations still in the area.

Both Siegler Dairy Farm and Countryside Market hope people will take time out of their day to stop in and take advantage of this awesome annual event.

Again, the first 100 customers through the doors of the Countryside Market each day from Thursday, Aug 10th through Sunday, Aug 13th will receive a free hand-dipped cone filled with delicious Hershey's Ice Cream.


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