Whether you're a Michigan State fan or not, their focus on all things nature and agriculture has led them to acquire and build many gorgeous attractions for the community, whether it's a garden, an arboretum, or a canopy walk.

The Hidden Lake Gardens Canopy Walk, Hidden Lake Gardens' newest addition this past June, is located in Michigan's scenic Irish Hills and allows visitors to be one with the trees at an astonishing 65-feet in the air.

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A Brief Background on Hidden Lake Gardens

According to MSU, Hidden Lake Gardens began as a farm in the early 1920s when successful industrialist, Harry Fee, began his venture with the 200+ acre property.

But after discovering the property was not as 'farm ready' as Fee hoped, he instead began developing gardens throughout the property with the help and advice of horticulturists at Michigan State University.

In 1945, Fee decided to donate the property to Michigan State University as a laboratory for horticulture students.

The Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton Today

Thanks to Fee's generous financial endowment, the gardens are now visited by over 45,000 visitors annually in Tipton, Michigan, about 20 minutes outside of Adrian and not far from the Ohio border. But that number of visitors is sure to grow with the garden's latest attraction funded by the university.

Introducing the Hidden Lake Gardens Canopy Walk

According to MSU, this project was designed for the purpose of providing educational research/experience, as well as tourism and economic development opportunities.

CREDIT: Marc Perroquet via YouTube
CREDIT: Marc Perroquet via YouTube

The architectural masterpiece gives visitors a 'one with nature' feel 65-feet over the valley below, without the climb, and is truly a Pure Michigan must-see

Other Attractions to Visit When There

There is something for everyone at Hidden Lake Gardens.

- Over 12 miles of hiking trails.

- The Conservatory, which includes the Tropical Dome, Arid Dome, and Temperate House.

- The Bonsai Courtyard featuring Bonsai species from 40 to 100 years old.

- The Hosta Hillside

So, before summer is over and life gets too busy to go, you can experience Michigan's newest must-see attraction at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan. And if you have a fear of heights, maybe just stick to the arboretum.

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