For those of us that have been chomping at the bit to get Hydrofest back to the Detroit River, the wait is almost over. But unfortunately, the event won't be returning quite as soon as we originally thought.

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The History of Hydrofest in Detroit Over the Years 

In Detroit, boat races date all the way back to 1916. And, although the boats back then could not reach the 200+ MPH speeds of today's machines, they were still entertaining enough to draw fans from all over the area.

To put this into perspective, these boats raced here in Michigan every year from the end of World War II up to 2019.

So, the last time any boat race at all was held in Detroit was 2019. However, the last time the Unlimited Boats (the top performers in the sport) raced in Detroit for the Gold Cup, North America's oldest motorsport trophy, was in 2018. Fans have longed for the event to return here ever since.

Was There Talk of Hydrofest in Detroit for 2023?

According to The Detroit News in 2022, there were high hopes of bringing the event back to Detroit in August 2023. But, between sponsorship issues and the unstable state of hydroplane racing's top circuit since the pandemic, there were too many 'what ifs.'

As Mark Weber, president at Detroit Riverfront Events, so eloquently said:

We have to have a sustainable plan, not a passionate plan. We are not gonna run this event if everything's not in place. Failure is not an option, short of weather.


Hydrofest Has Been Rescheduled to Return to Detroit in 2024

The Hydrofest Home Page posted by Detroit Riverfront Events Inc. now states the following:

"We're back! Hydrofest 2024 July 12-14 2024" which has been mentioned as a tentative date.

So, get ready for 200+ MPH boats throwing 300+ ft. rooster tails on the Detroit Riverfront once again next summer.

CREDIT: John B vi YouTube / Canva
via YouTube / Canva

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