Heinz wants to show you around America this summer one sauce packet at a time and it's delicious.

The famous condiment company has launched the United States of Saucemerica (“Saucemerica”) Collection: a new, limited-edition line-up of fifty United States-inspired condiment packet designs. According to the press release,  the Saucemerica packets are available in seven different Heinz condiment varieties, and each packet’s unique design corresponds to one of the fifty states and its most notable dish.

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Michigan's Saucemerica Packet by Heinz

It seems only fitting that Michigan is represented by giving a nod to one of its most notable foods...the Coney Dog. The Mitten State packet contains classic Heinz Yellow Mustard and the website bio reads,

"The "coney" is a hot dog in a steamed bun dressed with chili, diced onions and HEINZ  Yellow Mustard. But the secret to this state-wide staple isn't about what's in it; it's about where you got it. Two of the best-known Coney Island restaurants (originally owned by brothers in competition) have stood side by side in Detroit, serving up coney dogs for over 100 years. Every local has a favorite of the two, so come, try them, and choose a side."


Photo: Heinz
Photo: Heinz

In addition to teasing your tastebuds, the new limited-edition packets can score you some serious cash and prizes. Heinz is encouraging fans to collect as many different states’ packets as possible and upload them to www.saucemerica.com for a chance to win $500,000 worth of exciting prizes, including a grand prize of $100,000.

“From art to coins, stamps, and more, collecting culture hasich become a popular practice with devoted fanbases,” says Devaang Sibal, Brand Manager, HEINZ Away from Home. “But perhaps the most unexpected collectible is the HEINZ packet. An iconic on-the-go staple, HEINZ fans everywhere collect packets in their homes, bags, and cars, to ensure they are always on hand in case of a condiment conundrum. With the Saucemerica Collection, we are excited to pay homage to this fan behavior with the unique, hometown pride-evoking designs and multiple chances for fans to win prizes.”

Entrants can win anywhere from $500 to $100,000, depending on how many entries they submit, according to the official rules. You can register on the Saucemerica website to start keeping track of their collections. You can also earn yourself a gift card by playing one of the website's daily games.

Get out and enjoy some summer fun and food, and don't forget the Heinz!

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