Trying to figure out why exactly my girlfriend sent me this article and video, is she trying to tell me something? Anyway, after watching it, I thought I'd pass along to the rest of the guys out there that thanks to a Japanese lingerie company your chances of scoring on the first date just went down another 63%. This lingerie company, known as Ravijour, has developed a bra which can be unhooked only if the woman wearing it is in love. So, how does it work? This "smart bra" keeps tabs on the woman’s heart rate, it then sends the data to an app on her smartphone. If her heart rate reaches a level consistent with that of being in love, the bra will magically pop open. Ravijour says this smart bra was designed for ladies to fend off men just looking for a good time. You know, the guys who just want hit it and quit it. While some women may thinking this idea sounds awesome, we would like to present that there are some issues that could develop if your heart rate increases in a non-romantic situation. For instance, no woman wants her bra to open up while she’s running on a treadmill, giving a big presentation at work, or trying to get out of a speeding ticket (well, maybe the speeding ticket...)

[Source: TSM Interactive]