3o Seconds to Mars has been cryptic when addressing the recent break up rumors that have surrounded the band. Frontman Jared Leto now says he doesn't know if he has what it takes to continue the bands grueling recording and touring cycle.

While it definitely has it's bonuses (a lot of them actually), international super-stardom comes with a great amount of pressure as well. Whether it be by management, record label, or fans -- many bands are pressured into a grueling work schedule. Red Hot Chili Peppers recently lost guitarist John Frusciante (and almost the rest of the band) due to the amount of commitment that being in the band demands.

Jared Leto seemed to be feeling that same pressure as he sat down with KERRANG! to talk about the uncertain future of 30 Seconds to Mars:

"A lot of artists peak or get burned out. A lot of times they stop trying and those are all dangers. It took two years to make 'This Is War'. Touring it has been another two years. Do I have that in me again? I don't know."

The actor-turned-musician went on to say that if the band does make another record, it could be very very different from their previous works:

"What excites me is the opportunity to rediscover, refine and reinvent, like we have from record to record. The compulsion to create is always with me. We could make a dance record, a dubstep record, a punk record, or a rock opera. Anything is possible because 'This Is War' was an arrival, creatively and personally."

30 Seconds to Mars current tour will take them into late November of this year, after that -- who knows.