Who is Colin Jost?” This is the answer to the question that left Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions contestants stumped last night. The clue was: "Writers and performers who have gone from the Lampoon to Saturday Night Live include this young fellow who co-hosts 'Weekend Update' with Michael Che". The trio of contestants consisted of Gilbert Collins, a university administrator from New Jersey, Anneke Garcia, an industrial design consultant from Utah, and Kyle Jones, a music teacher from Colorado. Even after being shown a photo of Jost himself, none of them could come up with the entertainer's name. Don't believe it? You can watch it for yourself.

Colin Jost has been SNL's 'Weekend Update' co-host — alongside Che — for the past five years. In 2017, Jost and Che were added to the team of head writers, and the pair even co-hosted the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. And even if you lived under a rock, you still probably still would have heard about Jost's secondary claim to fame: being Scarlett Johansson's fiancé. The two became engaged in May after Jost proposed to Johansson James Bond-style.

While SNL fans on Twitter express their shock on the matter, at least we can predict one thing — Michael Che will not let Colin live this one down on the next 'Weekend Update'.

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