Although several years has passed since terrorists ransacked New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington D.C., Americans still get really freaking nervous anytime a fellow passenger starts acting like a psychopath at 40,000 feet. Just ask anyone who was on this plane.

Over the weekend, a JetBlue flight had to make an emergency landing in Detroit after a passenger flipped out for no apparent reason and scared the hell out of passengers bound for party-time in Las Vegas.

Cell phone footage from the incident shows a man clearly speaking in tongues that no one on the plane is interested in hearing: screaming at the other passengers in a panic language. It does not take long before the crazed man starts jumping over seats and throwing wild haymakers at others on the plane, which is when a couple of guys jumped in and restrained him.

After the plane landed, Michigan police carted the lunatic off to a nearby hospital, where the FBI paid him a visit. However, investigators are not sure if criminal charges will be perused since the man never actually threatened the plane.

There is speculation that the man was in an argument with his family. One passenger said it appeared as though the man woke up from a nightmare and just unleashed.

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