In case you have never seen it before, "Hot Ones" is a great web series from the First We Feast YouTube channel. They have a lot of celebrity guests on the show eating hot wings while answering questions. 

This series has always given me that feeling of "why didn't I think of that?" They now have a huge following for something as simple as eating hot wings with famous people. Some of my favorite episodes are with TJ Miller, Bert Kreischer, and now Johnny Knoxville. Host Sean Evans gets into everything about Knoxville's career. They talk about things before and after 'Jackass,' his new movie "Action Point," and a lot more. The new movie is in stores now and sadly I have yet to see it. My goal is to go see "Action Point," "Solo," and "Deadpool 2" this weekend.

Check out the episode below and take time to watch others. It really is a great series.