It is not uncommon for us now to know what the inside of a celebrity, or rockstars house looks like. Between couch concerts and live from home videos, we are getting up close and personal with our favorites during the coronavirus pandemic.

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You can now add Johnny Stevens from Highly Suspect to that list. The frontman just released a video, of him performing an acoustic version of 'These Days', that was shot in his apartment. You know what is cool about Johnny's apartment? You can write on the walls.

I have noticed a lot of people on social media sharing pictures of home improvements and or projects since we have been in quarantine. Is writing on yur walls considered a project? I feel like that is something I am qualified for. When I was younger I wrote 'Bon Jovi' or 'Guns N' Roses' on anything and everything.

If you have kids, and you let them write on a wall (that you will eventually paint over), you will be the coolest quarantine parent ever. Stay home, stay safe.

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