20 years ago, I would not have predicted the guy who wrote and starred in Swingers would become among the handful of biggest directors in Hollywood. But here we sit, in 2019, and Jon Favreau basically sits atop the filmmaking world. Favreau steadily grew from small indies like Swingers to mid-level movies like Elf and then to blockbusters. His first major success was Iron Man, which not only launched a franchise, it basically launched the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Favreau has to be considered among the most important creators in the history of the MCU.

After Iron Man 2, Favreau continued appearing onscreen in the MCU as Tony Stark’s sidekick Happy Hogan, but he hasn’t directed a movie for Marvel in several years. Instead, he transitioned to Disney proper, where he’s made lavish live-action/animation hybrids of The Jungle Book and The Lion King, which is already the ninth biggest movie in box-office history. So he’s doing just fine for himself. But would he ever want to return to Marvel for another go behind the camera?

That’s the question The Hollywood Reporter asked Favreau this week. And here was his response:

I'm talking to them because I'm very close friends with all of them. It’s been a really interesting experience being involved with Lion King and being involved with Endgame. Because with Lion King we were taking this technology that is only available now and applying it to one of the great myths

Favreau’s currently working on Disney+’s big Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Given these comments, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see Favreau’s name pop up on another Disney+ series down the line — this time for Marvel. He could even pop in and out as a director, without having to devote himself entirely to writing/producing a full series. Either way, I generally preferred Favreau’s Marvel work to his recent Disney stuff. It could be interesting to see what else he might want to do in the MCU — especially since this time he’d be doing it without Robert Downey Jr.

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